Tube to Female Pipes manufacturer

304 /316 Stainless Steel Double Ferrule compression fittings

Stainless Steel Double Ferrule compression fittings Tubes To Female pipe:

Ranflex Instrumentation Fittings Division designs and manufacturers a broad range of high pressure Stainless Steel Double Ferrule compression fittings Tubes To Female pipe, hydraulic fittings and adapters that ensure leak-free systems, in a short span of time we become premier industrial resource for Tube Fittings. Ranflex Instrumentation Tube Fittings are manufactured to provide compatibility and equivalence with Swagelok and Parker Alok Fittings. Standard material is Brass & Stainless steel, we also stock exotic alloys such as Monel Instrumentation Fittings, Inconel Instrumentation Fittings, Hastelloy Instrumentation Fittings, Titanium Instrumentation Fittings, Duplex Instrumentation Fittings, 254 SMO Instrumentation Fittings etc.

Other trade name: Instrumentation Pipe Fittings, Tube fittings, Ferrule fittings, compresion fittings, hydraulic fittings, pneumatic fittings

Female Connector

Female Connector NPT – FCN (Imperial Series)

Female Elbow

Female Elbow NPT – FEN

Female Connector

Female Connector NPT - FCN (Metric Series)

Female RunTee Female Run Tee NPT – FRTN
Tube Fittings

Female Connector BSP/BSPP – FCB/MFCBBP

Female RunTee Female Branch Tee NPT – FBTN
Female Bulkhead Connector

Female Bulkhead Connector NPT – FBCN & MFBCN

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Double Ferrule compresion Fittings Tube Fittings specification (Twin Ferrule Fittings):